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Superdetailing a Flemish Galleon

A Flemish Carrack inside a flower vase

La Corbeta Uruguay 

 (A three masted barque that rescued the Norwegian explorer Nordensjold stranded in south Pole reach attempt)

Some creative Miniatures in flasks

Superdetailing a Pechili Junk

XVIII Dynasty Egyptian Sailing Ship in a narrow flask SOON


The Gokstad Viking Longship

Das Gokstad Langschiff

The Skuldelev 5 Viking Longship

Building the Hercules Frigate from Admiral G. Brown in 1814 (Inside a small laboratory bottle) SOON

La Bartolomé. Arrastrero Mallorquí

El Ciudad de Algeciras, Mercante de la Compañía Trasmediterránea, 1954



The way is long and hard, but those who persevere, find enlightment.

Zen and the art of building Ships in Bottles.

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