The 3 Masted Bark "Corbeta Uruguay"

The Ship:

Data of the original ship


Launching/ Shipyard

February, 1874. Laird Brothers, Birkenhead


Length:  46,36 m 
Beam:  7,63 m
Draft:   5,4 m
Depth: 3,5 m
Displacement: 550 tn


3 Masted Bark

Brief history

It arrived in the country in 1874 and was part of the so-called Presidente Sarmiento`s Fleet. It was deployed to carry out supply missions to the Orkney station and the Argentine Fisheries Society on San Pedro Island (South Georgia) thus embodying the first Antarctic campaigns of the Argentine Republic.
The ship sailed south on October 8, 1903 under the command of Lieutenant Julián Irizar, to rescue the expeditionary O. Nordenskjold, stranded in Antarctica after the ship "Antarctic" was trapped in the ice, and went down. His most famous historical participation.


The Model:



A.R.A Corbeta Uruguay




Wood- wires. cardboard, thread and brush hairs

Assembly time

April thru October 2016

Other data

Personal construction model of the author, does not possess any standard materials  or accessories.
Original method of the works of European cloisters, probable origin of art, "Geduldsflasche". It is assembled from the outside the bottle. There are no pull threads to raise the folded masts.
An additional challenge is the size and shape of the bottle, a flask indeed. Due to its flattened and slightly curved shape (concave on one side convex on the other), the ship can only be mounted as if it was saling by taking the wind by the starboard fin (concave side) and the running rigging of the sails towards the lee side.
Additionally, the main mast is touching the top of the container, and the spars are in contact with the inner sides of the container (impossible to access the rearward masts as each new mast is mounted. So the assembly sequence must be planned carefully.




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